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Volume 1/1997 to Volume 8/2004

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Anistoriton uses the mailing lists and/or their archives to locate interesting Internet messages.
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Vol. 8/2004
M041. March 2004. Questions & Answers on the Thera Eruption
M042. June 2004. 'Barbarians' in Late Antiquity
M043. September 2004. Bernal's 'Black Athena'
M044. December 2004. Was There a Trojan War?
Vol. 7/2003
M031. March 2003. Aegean scripts: KA
M032. June 2003. Frontier and Space in Russian History
M033. September 2003. The Hyksos
M034. December 2003. One more Decipherment Attempt for Linear A Script
Vol. 6/2002
M021. March 2002. Dating the Uluburun Shipwreck (1305 BCE?)
M022. June 2002. Narrative History
M023. September 2002. Who Were the Sea Peoples?
M024. December 2002. Clovis-age Hunting Materials Found in the USA
Vol. 5/2001
M011. January 2001. Greek Colony on Sardinia?
M012. March 2001. Kirov
M013. June 2001. Byzantium in the year 1000
M014. September 2001. Wilson and Redrawing the Map of Europe
M015. December 2001. Was the Iceman Murdered?
Vol. 4/2000
M001. January 2000. Byzantine & Crusaders: A Conflict of Cultures?
M002. February 2000. The Great Powers in History
M003. July 2000. Hostages at Byzantium
M004. November 2000. Vietnam & the Cold War
Vol. 3/1999
M991. January 1999. Greek dark ages?
M992. July 1999. Hurrians on Crete or Minoans at Alalah?
M993. November 1999. Kadesh 13th c. BCE
Vol. 2/1998
M981. January 1998. A Floating Palace of 200 BCE
M982. March 1998. The 542 plague in the Balkans
M983. April 1998. The Greek alphabet -- new evidence
M984. 05 June 1998. Did the Mycaeneans invade Crete?
M985. 23 June 1998. Is Linear A Greek or Not ?
M986. September 1998. The Line of the Treaty of Tordesillas, 1494
M987. November 1998. Byzantine Military Uniforms
M988. December 1998. Historical Periodization
Vol. 1/1997
M971. 15 September 1997. Louis XIV's Funeral Procession
M972. 28 September 1997. Hue Capet, Henry the Fowler & the Balkans
M973. 05 November 1997. William IX of Aquitaine
M974. 22 November 1997. A report on the earthquake damages in Italy in November 1997
M975. 01 December 1997. Orientation of Mosques
M976. 08 December 1997. Stalin's Terror
M977. 27 December 1997. Aramaic

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