Updated: January 2012
Please, DO NOT send any papers during the month of August.

The Anistoriton Editorial Board welcome submissions for any of its sections but prospective authors have to comply with the following rules:

Language of Texts. Submitted studies must be in English and are subject to the Editor's and the Editorial Board's approval. All submissions must be written in good and clear English and the author must be available by e-mail. The author will be informed within six months by e-mail of the Editorial Board decision on whether the submission is accepted for publication in Anistoriton Journal or the rational for the possible rejection of his/her work.

Papers/Essays/Field reports. All studies must include content notes in parenthesis within the main text and the respective Bibliography at the end. Do not use footnotes or endnotes and do not quote extensively from your sources. The essays should address the educated public and/or students and scholars and they should be about 4,000 words long although longer studies are not excluded a priori. Accompany your study with a short resume/CV.

Excerpts from primary sources included in papers/essays/field reports should not be more than 500 words long per study and include full bibliographic reference. They may be taken from published books or Journals but they must not be more than 10% of their original publication.

Author identification. At the end of your paper include the following information:

Your Full Name (required)
Current University/College/Institute etc Affiliation or Independent Scholar (required)
E-mail address for your readers (required)

Where to & How to Send your Work. All submissions must be sent by e-mail to anistor@anistor.gr. Please, always use the word ANISTORITON-Submission in the subject field of your messages to the Journal. Submissions must be sent as attachments created in a major word processor's form such as Word (TM) or WordPerfect (TM) for Windows (TM) or Macintosh (TM). You are advised to save your final version in rich-text format (.rtf file) and send it to us. You MUST NOT send us a PDF file. Please identify the computer editor you have used to create your work and, most important, the version of the specific program e.g. Word from Office XP/2003/2010 etc.

Images. DO NOT send images as attachments to e-mails. You must embed images in your document and preferably use the rich-text format (.rtf file) in order to save your file.

Author's Identification. All submissions must be original and have not been submitted simultaneously to any other printed or electronic publication of any type, including newspapers. You may submit though condensed or enlarged versions of previously published work of yours. If your name does not appear in your e-mail address or you use somebody else's e-mail address to submit your manuscript you must identify yourself clearly in the e-mail message.

Copyright of Submitted Material. Do not send us any material including images (photos, drawings etc.) that is copyright protected by third parties. On the other hand, anything that is more that 75 years old is usually not protected by copyright BUT there are exceptions. Also, some copyright owners might be willing to allow you to reproduce their material without any charges especially if you stress the fact that the work is not going to be used for commercial purposes. In any case and if you have received permision, the copyright owner's name must be included somewhere on the image or its caption.

Copyright of Published Material. Copyright of all published material, unless otherwise stated, remains with the author(s). If no author is provided, copyright remains with the Anistoriton Journal Editor-in-Chief. By submitting material for publication it is understood that authors are the copyright owners of the submitted work and they assign to the Editor-in-Chief and the Editorial Board of the Journal the right to publish it and make it available to the public indefinitely through a Back Issues site of the Anistoriton Journal or any other publication method known today or to be invented in the future, including a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM/BLUE RAY Edition of the Anistoriton Journal site. Any other use of an author's work must have the written permission of the author.

Our readers may freely download and store electronically or print all texts and images for personal or educational use only. No commercial use of any part (both texts and images) is allowed.

Monetary Compensation. As Anistoriton Journal is a free electronic publication, it is understood that no fee is required to be paid by the authors for the publication of their work. Also, contributors will receive NO monetary or other compensation for the publication of their work in Anistoriton.

By submitting material for publication you confirm to ANISTORITON that you have read and you comply with the rules above.

All material submitted to the Anistoriton Journal but not used or published is discarded.

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