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* * * 2002 * * *

December 2002
Brown Seniors 'Crack' Cuneiform Tablets
A 3D Mummy
KV39 is Amenhotep I?: Buck teeth clue to mystery of a royal mummy's boy

November 2002
Catal Huyuk - The First City? (includes slide show and real audio files)
Ancient iceman 'probably killed by his own people'

October 2002
Historic find has oldest London name
Briton unearths Herodotus' lost city of the Medes
Simulation of cities to be applied to data on ancient Mesopotamia
Artifact May Be Earliest Relating to Existence of Jesus
'Jesus' Inscription on Stone May Be Earliest Ever Found
Artefact 'may be evidence of Jesus'
'Evidence of Jesus' damaged

September 2002
Last meal of Otzi the ice man revealed
Iceman's final meal
The Antikythera mechanism. The clockwork computer
Tut's life and death unmasked
High-tech artistry reveals King Tut's face

July 2002
Byzantine Gold Coin Unearthed in Qinghai, China
UPM Archaeologists Uncover 3700 Year Old 'Magical' Birth Brick near Abydos, Egypt

June 2002
Neanderthal clues from mammoth find
UC San Diego Archaeologists Discover Largest Bronze Age Metal Factory In Middle East
UC San Diego Archaeologists Discover Largest Bronze Age Metal Factory In Middle East

May 2002
Queen's pyramid found near Cairo
'Oldest' African settlement found in Eritrea
KV5 Tomb may yield the sons of Pharaoh
Ancient childbirth seat found in Egypt

April 2002
Ruins of an ancient trading center [Assur] soon to be under water
Etruscan 'Pompeii' uncovered in Tuscany
A river runs through it: Athens' ancient graveyard

March 2002
Helen of Troy palace found among ruins

February 2002
Archaeologists uncover gold treasures near Alexander the Great birthplace
8,000-year-old household mixer dug up in Macedonia

January 2002
Statuette Is Traced to Midas; Alas, Not Golden, Just Ivory
Genes Help Identify Oldest Human Population
'Oldest' prehistoric art unearthed
Scythian Gold From Siberia Said to Predate the Greeks
Herod 'killed by kidney disease and gangrene'

* * * 2001 * * *

December 2001
The Palace of King Herod
Early appearance of alphabet

August 2001
Meet the Neanderthals

July 2001
New cave art found in France
Jerusalem Archaeological Park (web site)
Earliest Human Link Fossils?
Egyptian Animal mummies
Asian Huns
Iceman's mystery death solved
Iceman's mystery death solved

June 2001
Recovery of classical city of Helike

May 2001
Genetic roots of Europe
Oldest European calendar 'deciphered'
The Etruscans

April 2001
Vesuvius victims

March 2001
Hull Bronze Age boat 'oldest in Europe'
Ancient marble statues unearthed in Rhodes, Greece
5,000th Anniversary of Writing in Iraq

February 2001
First Akhenaton-era tomb
DNA Shows Malaria in Rome
DNA Shows Malaria in Rome
DNA Shows Malaria in Rome
Viking Earliest Settlement

January 2001
Stone Age Camp in Galilee's Waters
Biopsy on a 3,500 old Egyptian mymmy
An ancient Egyptian animal cemetery
A new look at the Dead Sea Scrolls

* * * 2000 * * *
October 2000
Ancient City of Helike found?
Ancient City of Helike found?
Ancient Helike Site
Ancient City Apollonia found
1606 Portuguese Shipwreck off Lisbon
Early Pharaohs' Fleet

September 2000
Queen of Sheba Temple

August 2000

July 2000
Archimedes Palimpsest
Archimedes Palimpsest
The Bible as History?

June 2000
Underwater Cities off Egyptian Coast

May 2000
Mummies in Egypt
Napoleon poisoned

April 2000
Philip II of Macedonia
Child Louis XVII of France died in prison

March 2000
The Neanderthals were not our Ancestors

February 2000
Bones of Ancient Athenians

January 2000
Ancient Rome

* * * 1999 * * *
December 1999
2500 BC Artifact found in Iraq

July 1999
World's Oldest Telescope

March 1999
The History of Cofee

February 1999
What Caused the plague in Classical Athens (requires RealPlayer)
Cherchen Man: A 3000 year-old mummy in China
Ancient Alexandria (Egypt)

* * * 1998 * * *
October 1998
Phoenician Ships

September 1998
Travelling in 1st c. Palestine
Tutakhamon's Tomb openned in February 1923 (reissued)

July 1998
Byzantine Palace Discovered
A pirate ship discovered

June 1998
Alexander's Death

March 1998
An Egyptian Statue around 3,000 years old
Archaeologists found an unusual ancient fresco in Rome

February 1998
400,000-year-old wooden spears found

January 1998
Archeologists have been excavating ancient Canaanite cemetery