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Diophant Ancient Measures Converter is freeware and is not to be sold for profit. It may be used freely for educational and scholastic uses at no charge. Diophant copyright belongs to Demetris I. Loizos E-mail:, URL: For some files the copyright belongs to Microsoft (TM) (URL: You may distribute freely only the latest Diophant version package as long as you include all files and make no changes to them. Diophant package is distributed as is with no other obligation on the part of the copyright owner and author.

The proper and according to the current Manual use of Diophant will not normally cause any problem to the user's computer. However, the moment you download Diophant compressed executable file (current or older) from any site, you are absolutely responsible for any damage that might be caused by the file or its contents to your computer or other programs of yours. It is absolutely underlined that the user of Diophant is solely responsible for the good use of the program and for any damage that might be caused by its use.

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