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Viewpoints is the ANISTORITON Journal scholarly forum that allows researchers to present or test various ideas. Sometimes, those ideas might be/or seem to be outside the main stream of current scholarship but the editors still believe that they deserve to be published.

Vol. 15/2016-2017
No 1, 2016. "Diwéesi protí smínthoqoj" The oldest known Greek incantation
No 2, 2016. A Cryptographic Approach to the Linear A Problem [removed due to non-readable type face]
Vol. 14/2014-2015
No 1, 2014. Van Gogh’s Last Supper. Transforming "the guise of observable reality"
No 2, 2015. The Eteocretan Inscription from Psychro (Crete) is Genuine"
Vol. 13/2012-2013
No 1, 2013. Propaganda and duality in exedras at the imperial fora of Rome
No 2, 2013. Materiel Matters. The Japanese State’s Evacuation of Elementary Schoolchildren During The Second World War
Vol. 12/2010-2011
No 1, 2011. Native American Pipes in the Art of Charles Bird King, George Catlin, and Karl Bodmer
No 2, 2011. Agriculture Beginnings in West Africa: A Re-Evaluation of the Evidence
Vol. 11/2008-2009
No 1, 2008. Theseus, Helen of Troy, and the House of Minos (PDF 60Kb)
No 2, 2008. The Eastern Roman Empire (Byzantium) and the Western Way of War: The Komnenian Armies (PDF 60kb)
No 3, 2009. The Influence of Optical Projection on 17th Century Art (PDF 80Kb)
Vol. 10/2006-2007
No 1, 2006. Prospects and Challenges of Oral Traditions and Ethnography for Archaeological Reconstructions
No 2, 2006. Protagoras' Pedagogy of Civic Excellence (PDF 151kb)
No 3, 2007. A Comparison of Etruscan and Aegean Wall Painting (PDF 821kb)
Vol. 9/2005
V051 March 2005. Perfumes and Cosmetics in the Biblical World
V052 June 2005. The Importance of the Roman Legions in the Emergence of Ancient Rome as a World Power
V053 September 2005. The Language of the Minoans
V054 December 2005. Lonesome Knights of a Spanish Nun. Teresa of Avila and Chivalresque Literature
Vol. 8/2004
V041 March 2004. How did the conquest of Greece affect the structure of Rome and Roman Cities?
V042 June 2004. The Pirates of Cilicia (1st c. BCE)
V043 September 2004. How Revolutionary were the Military Reforms of Gaius Marius?
V044 December 2004. The Roman Persecution of the Christians
Vol. 7/2003
V031 March 2003. Is the Biblical Exodus Inscribed on an Ancient Egyptian Stele?
V032 June 2003. Social Stratification in Minoan Phaestos
V033 September 2003. The Inheritance of Alexander. An Overview of Greco-Persian Relations, 499-334 BCE
V034 December 2003. The Aqueducts of Rome. The Aqua Marcia Aqueduct
Vol. 6/2002
V021. March 2002. An Egyptian Star-map
V022. June 2002. The Demand for Money in Greece, 1962-1998
V023. September 2002. Credit Cards in Ancient Times
V024. December 2002. The Minoan Eruption of Thera: a Re-examination
Vol. 5/2001
V011. January 2001. 1st revision 27 May 2001. "Do Inscriptions in Linear A Script belong to different languages ?
V012. March 2001. Ancient Greek Sport Festivals and Greek Poleis
V013. June 2001. The Risch-Chadwick Theory: An Obstacle to Progress
V014. October 2001. Minoan Linear A Script. An Early Aeolic Greek Dialect?
V015. December 2001. Some Insights on Building Scientific Archaeology
Vol. 4/2000
V001. January 2000. The Aztecs
V002. March 2000. 5th revision 27 May 2001. The Phaistos Disk: A Statistical Decipherment
V003. July 2000. Byzantine Alexius III and Choniates's History
V004. September 2000. "We Have Met Devils!": The Almogavars (Castile-Aragon)
V005. November 2000. "The Theology of Revolution: Religion and the Peasant's Revolt of 1381 in England
Vol. 3/1999
V991. January 1999. The Armies and the Successes of the First Crusade (1095-1099)
V992. March 1999. Dutch scholars on the 'new Macedonian question' (1991-1995)
V993. July 1999. Tibetan Buddhism in Wutai Mountain
Vol. 2/1998
V981. January 1998. The Despotate of Epirus under Michael I (13th c.)
V982. March 1998. The First & the Second Crusade: The Military Orders in the 11th c.
V983. April 1998. The Battle of Waterloo-The Last Gamble (An Overview)
V984. June 1998. The First Partition of Poland (1772)
V985. 19 September 1998. Warfare in Eighteenth Century Europe
V986. 28 September 1998. Constantine the Great & Christianity (AD 312-340)
V987. 07 November 1998. The Calendar on the Phaestos Disk (The Philosopher's Disk)
Vol. 1/1997
V971. 14 November 1997. Internet Publications?
V972. 26 November 1997. Cyril and Methodios among the Slavs

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