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Volume 1/1997 to Volume 7/2003

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Vol. 8/2004
H041. March 2004. Byzantine Monasteries at the Edge of the Desert
H042. June 2004. Urban Images and Representations in Europe and beyond during the 20th century Conference
H043. September 2004. The Coin of Coins: A World Premiere. An Exhibition
Vol. 7/2003
H031. March 2003. Conference: Food and Drink in Byzantium
H032. June 2003. The Samaritans from the Biblical Times to the 21st Century
H033. September 2003. The GDR (East Communist Germany) on its way to German Unity
H034. December 2004. French and Germans Taught from the Same History Text
Vol. 6/2002
H021. March 2002. The Bavarians of Greece
H022. June 2002. A Submarine named Perseus
H023. September 2002. Conference: Death in the Eighteenth Century: Theory and Practice
H024. December 2002. Papers Call: Encounters in World Architecture
Vol. 5/2001
H011. September 2001. HMHS Britannic
H012. December 2001. The EURO and the History of Currency Unions in Europe
Vol. 4/2000
H001. January 2000. A Greek "Warning" to the European States dated 23 March 1821
Vol. 3/1999
H991. March 1999. The Chinese Xia-Shang-Zhou Chronology Project
H992. October 1999. The Birth of a European Megalopolis: Athens 1833
Vol. 2/1998
H981. January 1998. Who Gave the Order for the Holocaust ?
H982. April 1998. Who or What Sunk USS Maine ?
H983. June 1998. When C. Schuman escaped from East Berlin
H983. September 1998. The 1968 Spring of the Prague and Alexander Dubchek
Vol. 1/1997
H971. 01 October 1997. The Death of a Japanese Soldier
H972. 13 October 1997. Abortion - Technology & Ideology in East Germany
H973. November 1997. Ancient Iberians Rediscovered
H974. December 1997. Moscow's Jewish Secret

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